Existing gas and electrical data, additional cost effective sub-metering and relevant IoT data streams results in a good understanding where and why energy is being mismanaged.
energy usage
air quality
real time insights
The obtained data will be analysed and benchmarked in order to see how and to what extent our services can provide a solution. The analysis first lead to quick wins, followed by a recommendation report with possible solutions and their expected savings. This is the foundation for choosing the optimal implementation process.
quick wins (6%)
improved default settings (8%)
maintenance predictions (8%)
In consultation with our clients we plan the implementation of our solutions. With our flexible offering we make it possible to firstly get acquainted with the products before deciding on purchasing or leasing. We offer a shared savings model in which all stakeholders benefit. This way we make your building more efficient while financial savings are achieved.
voltage (8%)
battery technologies (6%)
We work with a guaranteed saving model. This means that if lower savings are achieved, our share of the savings will decrease. This way you are ensured of guaranteed savings. After verifying the savings we continuously seek for other solutions to optimise your building(s).
lower costs
lower energy usage
machine learning
how we work
Agree to monitor
During a brief introduction we explain our approach and align expectations. Together we decide what solutions are of interest for you, and from there we decide when to install the monitoring equipment
Collecting data
When all relevant information is received, we analyse and structure it so we can make assumptions on the savings that can be achieved with our range of solutions
Presentation of our findings
We explain what the outcomes of the data collection is and display the solutions that are available to increase the performance of your buildings. We also present a financial model / payback period and a visualisation of how it can be implemented, additionally we will present a guaranteed savings model
Install the solutions
After agreeing on how we are going to improve your building’s performance, we implement the solutions
Verify and control results
In order to see if we have reached our targets we compare our findings with our first analyses and present the final results in a meeting
Debuut BV
During our trial period of 6 month we saw a significant reduction in energy consumption (12,7%) and were actually surprised that after installing the voltage optimisation unit our replacements of lightbulbs reduced with 80%.
We really appreciate the way how Global Green Buildings provided us with information on their solutions. Due to their clear approach and extensive support, we installed a 144 kVA voltage optimisation unit with Unica.
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